Capturing the authentic beauty
of the world

Steve was a natural choice for us. His unique ability to capture what is left of the authentic beauty and truth in the world, and express it with clarity and emotion is just brilliant. A McCurry image not only takes you on a journey, it changes you forever.

Perhaps it was Steve’s friend, the travel writer Paul Theroux, who best summed it up when he said, “It is impossible to see a Steve McCurry photograph and not wish to be there”.

Barbara Muckermann
Chief Marketing Officer, Silversea

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years. His work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike - yet always retains the human element that made his celebrated image of the Afghan Girl such a powerful image. McCurry has been recognised with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal, the National Press Photographers Award, and four first prize awards from the World Press Photo contest.

Travels with Steve


Episode 9

A smorgasbord of ethnicity and cultural homogeny, Japan is so much more than a sum of its parts. Looking for a different layer to the Japan that is so often seen, Steve works his magic and captures the culture in an unprecedented way.


West Africa

Episode 8

If travel is an education then Silversea is the school. And Steve the ideal teacher. Learn of traditions like nowhere else on the continent, epic history and solemn contemplation through this stunning gallery of images.


Papua New Guinea

Episode 7

Nothing, expect perhaps a McCurry image, can convey the warmth of spirit that greeted our intrepid explorer in Papua New Guinea. Age-old traditions, spiritual ceremonies, tribal identities - nothing escapes Steve’s lens.



Episode 6

It’s the experience of a lifetime and a bucket list destination, so who better than our iconic explorer to show you the defined beauty of what Darwin called “a little world within itself”. If you haven’t already been, you will want to now.



Episode 5

A tiny country with a huge heart, Steve’s experience of Ecuador spanned cultures, delved into humanity and truly captured the life and soul of a nation. Profound, compelling and iconic, these images left us speechless.


Svalbard, Norway

Episode 4

The hauntingly beautiful Arctic provides the backdrop for Episode 4 of Steve’s travels with Silversea.
Transport yourself to the magic of this little known region and take yourself closer to nature and wildlife than you ever imagined.


Sicily, Italy

Episode 3

Italy’s cultural crossroads is the stunning backdrop for Steve’s continuing adventures with Silversea.
Bathed by the warmth of the sun, discover his poetic imagery of a bygone era.


Istanbul, Turkey

Episode 2

East meets west as Steve McCurry keeps his curiosity alive in the city of muezzin calls and minarets.
Absorb the depth of personality that this amazing city has to offer in this exceptional gallery.


Virunga Mountains, East Africa

Episode 1

Steve McCurry’s first adventure with Silversea took him to the mountains of East Africa to photograph the beauty and grace of the last remaining mountain gorillas.
Enjoy this mesmerising gallery of images as he comes eye to eye with some very gentle giants.


Next travels with Steve

Steve’s journeys with us will continue through some soul-stirring places, people and cultures.
Join him as he unveils the powerful beauty that surrounds us every day.

Easter Island
Easter Island
Available May 2018
Available June 2018
Available July 2018
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Purposefully different

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