Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Episode 2

East meets west as Steve McCurry keeps his curiosity alive in the city of muezzin calls and minarets.
Absorb the depth of personality that this amazing city has to offer in this exceptional gallery.

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Behind the scenes


Steve jumped at the chance to rediscover a city that he once loved. Although the walls of this amazing city cannot talk, McCurry’s pictures tell a thousand words.

Capturing the authentic beauty
of the world

Steve was a natural choice for us. He is a born storyteller with the soul of an explorer. His unique ability to capture what is left of the authentic beauty and truth in the world, and express it with clarity and emotion is just brilliant. A McCurry image not only takes you on a journey, it changes you forever.

Perhaps it was Steve’s friend, the travel writer Paul Theroux, who best summed it up when he said, “It is impossible to see a Steve McCurry photograph and not wish to be there”.

Barbara Muckermann
Chief Marketing Officer, Silversea

Steve's travels with us

Steve’s journeys with us will continue through some soul-stirring places, people and cultures.
Join him as he unveils the powerful beauty that surrounds us every day.

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West Africa
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More to come

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